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With over 26 years in the Professional Pet Grooming Industry, I can tell you  with certainty, that most pets are stressed when going to a grooming shop. Your pets groomer may be the nicest person on this earth, but with the constant noise of the dryers /equipment, other whining and barking dogs and the commotion that goes on in a busy shop, these can all be very upsetting for your pet.  I can help! My step by step online video tutorials will walk you through how to groom your dog in the comfort of their home. This will reduce your pets anxiety and save you a whole whack of money! Yeah! 

The Key to having a successful grooming experience is two fold. First of all you have the proper equipment and tools. Secondly you need to have the knowledge of how to use the tools...hence how to groom.  With the thousands of options out there, it can be frustrating not knowing what tools to purchase. Not too worry I can help. Over the years I have tried hundreds of grooming tools, and know exactly what will work and what is totally a waste of your time and money. 

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